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luggage locker barcelonaBaggage Drop Service

We all have baggage, but…

we don’t want to carry it around with us while we’re on vacation!

Your checkout is early, but your flight leaves late?

Baggage drop service

You want to make the most of your first/last day in Barcelona without being weighed down with luggage?

Baggage drop service

You want peace of mind? – you need to know that your bags will be safe and sound!

baggage drop service

At baggage drop service we are travelers just like you!

We totally get it, and we can offer you the perfect solution:

Baggage drop service  We pick up your luggage at your accomodation


Baggage drop service We hand it back to you at the airport or train station or where you need!


Baggage drop service We make sure it all goes smoothly


Baggage drop service For your complete peace of mind we also offer damage/loss insurance


How it works

Enjoy Barcelona without carrying around your luggage – let us worry about it.

You just have fun! After all, that’s why you’re here.

Baggage drop service Barcelona

We pick up your luggage

Baggage drop service Barcelona

We transfer your luggage to the drop point

Baggage drop service Barcelona

We hand over your luggage

Why Choose Us?

Baggage Drop Service

baggage drop service We offer the perfect solution for the worrying question of what to do with your luggage after you’ve checked out from your accomodation.

baggage drop service We make it all so easy, for an incredibly low price, too.

baggage drop service We’re trusted, reliable and experienced.

Enjoy every last minute of your time in Barcelona and book your baggage drop service right now. You’ll be so glad you did!

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There is no better advertising than the satisfaction of our clients.

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